These past couple of years has been very busy, with 6 new choral works completed and 18 orchestral pieces re-arranged for chamber orchestra and treble chorus.  "Three Olde English Rhymes" (unison treble with piano) is now available from Alliance Music.

Elektra! Women's Choir premiered "To Timarion" as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration at the Chan Center in Vancouver.   Congratulations Morna and Elektra!  This piece is being published in the Elektra Women's Choir Series at Cypress Choral Music Publishing in 2020.  

I was also fortunate to recently receive the Diane Loomer Award for Choral Composition from Choral Canada, with a premiere of "Will You Fare On, My Song?" at Podium 2018 in St. John's, Newfoundland.

DaCapo Chamber Choir has released their recording of "Song of Invocation" on their latest CD, NewWorks.  It is beautifully rendered.  Thank-you Leonard and DaCapo singers.

Alliance has also released two new works for unison (opt. 2-part) choir - "The Green Month" and "My Serenade". 

"Fireweed" - commissioned by the Fireweed Children's Chorus of Yellowknife, NWT through Choral Canada, has now been delivered.  Thank-you Dana and Elizabeth for selecting me to be part of this very special project.

Cypress Music Publishers have purchased the Kelman Hall catalogue and recently re-published Hush, A Lullaby.  There is also a lovely recording by the Inter-Mennonite Children's Choir as well.  


If you are interested in music already in print, please visit my publisher websites at Alliance Music in Houston, Texas, Cypress Choral Music in Vancouver, Canada and Rhythmic Trident Music in Vancouver, Canada.