In May 2015 Sheldon produced a 35 minute multi-media sound and light event with Young Voices Toronto and Zimfira Poloz, Helen Yung, Gabriel Cropley, and Andy Morris at Howard-Emmanuel Church entitled Making Waves.  A promotional video for YVT was also created at this time from this event.

Making Waves (PRODUCER)

The performance piece, entitled “Making Waves”, was a seamless and tightly woven tapestry of repertoire, light and sound involving all choir divisions, culminating with Allegria (senior choir) emerging as a collective of mythical creatures exploring space and sound in the waters and in the heavens. The thematic programme was created and scripted by Sheldon Rose (YVT accompanist and composer) and Artistic Director Zimfira Poloz with the collaborative talents of local Toronto artists Andrew Morris, Helen Yung, and Gabriel Cropley.  The result was an evening of curated musical offerings, weaving elements of light, water, and sound into a magical sonic canvas. 

Saturday May 9, 2015 @ 7:00 pm      Howard Park Emmanuel Church, 214 Wright Ave, Toronto, Ontario.


Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie - Huddie (Leadbelly) Ledbetter
The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre
Chasing the Northern Lights - Nancy Telfer
Three Haiku - D. Geoffery Bell
Rain in the Country - Aaron Jenson
Hotaru Koi - arr. Ro Ogura
Ödi Ödi - Stephen Hatfield
O Wind, What Saw You? - Sheldon Rose
Mi'kmaq Honour Song - arr. Lydia Adams

FACES OF LIGHT (Co-Producer)

Faces of Light (a Choral Theatre Piece) will fill the Glenn Gould Studio with luminescent joy, as High Park Choir's Allegria joins with Shauna Rolston, cello, and Jamie Drake, of TorQ percussion ensemble, and Sheldon Rose, piano, to explore the relationship between humanity and the celestial ethereal. Sarah Quartel's "Snow Angel" is the centerpiece of the programme, together with works by other Canadians such as, Stephen Hatfield, Nancy Telfer, Sheldon Rose, and other globally recognized composers. High Park Choirs joins choral artistry with movement, staging, and narrative to create a fascinating work of choral theatre in Faces of Light.

The work combines the narrative of Snow Angel with our musical selections to create a duality on stage where (some) singers appear as angels, and others as humans. Faces of Light as a title introduces a discussion of light as a symbol for hope and compassion - of positive energy. The Quartel narrative is edited, rearranged and otherwise played with it so that it gives the concept away gradually, leading the audience through this awareness slowly only through information gleaned from the order and content of the pieces.

Friday June 1, 2012 @ 8:00 pm, Glenn Gould Studio Theatre, Toronto, Ontario.


Überlebensgross – Stephen Hatfield
Three Ways to Vacuum Your House  (I) – Stephen Hatfield
Snow Angel 1 (Prologue) – Sarah Quartel
Three Ways to Vacuum Your House  (II) – Stephen Hatfield
Kyrie (plus plainchant intro) – Kyrie Mass VIII, Hugo Hamma
Snow Angel 5 (Snow Angel) – Sarah Quartel


Snow Angel 2 (Creatures of Light) – Sarah Quartel
Salve Regina – Miklos Kocsár
Stars – Sheldon Rose
Hotaru Koi – arr. Ro Ogura
Snow Angel 3 (God Will Give Orders) & 4 (Sweet Child) - Sarah Quartel
Three Ways to Vacuum Your House  (III) – Stephen Hatfield
Eternity – Michael Bojesen

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