My Studio

This is a summary of my main production tools. I am trying to remain as streamlined as possible - resisting the urge to buy more stuff when the sales promotions hit my Inbox!  I tend to use the payware stuff most of all, but I do really heavily on the tape saturation by Klanghelm and Softtube both, as well as the TDR NOVA parallel EQ (which is awesome!)

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Updated 22 December 2021


Steinberg Cubase Pro 11
Steinberg SpectralLayers 7
Native-Instruments Kontakt 6
iZotope RX Audio Editor 8

Assorted Freeware


Custom-Built PC Computer
Furman Power Conditioner M-8Lx
Tripp-Lite ISOLator
Dell UltraSharp U2722D
BenQ ScreenBar
MacBook Pro

M-Audio M-Track 2x2M
Roland Um-One
Korg C-303
AKG K141 Studio Headphones
E-mu Proteus 2000
Antares AVP-1
Edirol UA-700
AKG C4000B
DTC MindPrint
Blue yeti
ESI-Audio nEar 05
Alesis MultiMix 6FX
Behringer Eurorack Pro
Behringer Ultralink Pro
MIDI Solutions MultiVoltage Pro T-8


Chamber Strings (Spitfire)
Solo Strings (Spitfire)
Harp (Spitfire)
Union Chapel Organ (Spitfire)
Mrs. Mills Piano (Spitfire)

Claire Virtuoso Piccolo (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso Flute (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso Alto Flute (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso Oboe (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso English Horn (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso Clarinet (8Dio)
Claire Virtuoso Bassoon (8Dio)
Warm Solo Bass Clarinet (8Dio)
New Century Horn (8Dio)

Sharine (Waves Factory)
Olympus Choir Micro (SoundIron)
Aurora Choir (ADSR)
Halion Sonic (Steinberg)

Ivory II (Synthogy)

Assorted Freeware
Bell Empire (loops de la creme)
Minima (Experimenta)
Balkan Ethnic (Strezov)
Haunted Choir (Fluffy)
Koto (Fluffy)
Desk Bell (SoundIron)
Clap Machine (99Sounds)
Solo trumpet (Norland)
Wine Glasses (Versillian)
Mariachi (We Sound Human)
New Cajon and Bongo (8Dio)
Glass Marimba (8Dio)
Music Box (Waves)
Whispers (Waves)
Komplete Start (Native-Instruments)
Hybrid Keys (Native-Instruments)
BBCSO Discover (Spitfire)
LABS (Spitfire)

Alpine Project
VSCO2 (Versillian)


RX 8 Elements (iZotope)
Ozone 9 Elements  (iZotope)
Rooms (Valhalla)
LX480 Essentials (ReLab Dev)
Gullfoss EQ (SoundTheory)
Tape (SoftTube)

Assorted Freeware
Vocal Doubler (iZotope)
Vinyl (iZotope)
Imager v2 (iZotope)
Super Massive (Valhalla)
Convology XT (Impulse)
Saturation Knob (SoftTube)
IVGI Saturation (Klanghelm)
TDR Nova (Tokyo Dawn)
Spitfish De-Esser (digitalfishphones)
Floorfish Noise gate (digitalfishphones)
BitCrusher (ADSR)